Where’s Willy?

Where’s Willy?

When he wasn’t hosting AlternaFISH Radio, Willy Cleary was running about as a professional musician, producer, speaker, and more. You can find out the details of what Willy has been up to at WillyCleary.com.

Here’s a personal note from Willy:

“Youuuu’re listening to AlternaFISH Radio with Willy Cleary and as always, I’m joined in the studio by my good buddy, Todd Kooser!” It feels odd that I don’t WC_Tget to say that on a regular basis anymore. But, I’m full of so many great memories. This image is how I remember the actual ‘making radio’ part of AlternaFISH. Because we wanted to be out with our fans at night, we would be in the studio at 7am (that’s the only time the studio wasn’t booked) trying to be peppy and excited. Our hair styles should be a dead giveaway of the success of this concept. But we loved it. We loved every second of it. We loved being a positive influence in a person’s day, we loved sharing the Gospel, and we loved serving. I think it’s our love of serving that leads us to why AF is off the air at this point.

So, where are Willy and (often more importantly) Todd? I am currently living and working in Nashville as an artist and producer. For me, my life serving those around me made it too difficult to push the AlternaFISH world. Do I hope to make radio again? Absolutely! If life makes a way for me to settle back home in Northeast Ohio, I couldn’t think of a better way to serve. Until that time comes, I’ll continue to dream.

Toward the end of the show, Todd had gotten married and has since become a father! The idea of Daddy Kooser was a deciding factor in packing up the AlternaFISH bags. Todd and his wife, Amy, have an amazing baby boy, named Michael (who, in greater terms, is one of the coolest human beings on the planet and, in lesser terms, has down syndrome). Their story of raising a child with down syndrome is one of the single most inspirational things you could ever experience. That’s not a joke. They have a blog about their life at ToddandAmy.us and you should read it.

Where will we be next? Lord knows! We’re happy to stay in contact with any and all of you, so please feel free to contact us. We love you!

Take Care, God Bless,

- WC